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The run was started to generate awareness of the good work done by former offenders to the community. Now that the former offenders are transformed, reformed... they are giving back in ways previously unimagined. It is beyond the giving of second chances. It is now the taking off of labels pasted over their lives.

- Pastor Don Wong,
Founder and Executive Director of The New Charis Mission

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Supported the inaugural Unlabelled Run organised by The New Charis Mission this morning. Thousands run to support the call to remove the labelling and stigmatising of ex-offenders many of whom are contributing in more ways than told.

- Mayor Denise Phua, Unlabelled Run 2016

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Labels, stereotypes and assumptions – some of the many obstacles that reformed ex- offenders face, which can jeopardise their successful reintegration back into society. This morning’s Unlabelled Run, organised by the dedicated team at The New Charis Mission, recognises the contributions of former offenders to society and encouraged the more than 5000 participants to spread the message of second chances.

- Minister Desmond Lee, Unlabelled Run 2017

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We showed solidarity and sent a message to our youths: Regardless of your background, you are part of our society; you may have stumbled but we will give you a hand to help you get up on your feet; all of you will find your strengths and contribute to the collective good.

- Minister Grace Fu, Unlabelled Run 2018

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who have contributed, participated and partnered with us for 2019’s Unlabelled Run. Truly, we are here to advocate for the unlabelling of all individuals in society. This year, our focus is on unlabelling our youths in Singapore. See the Able, Drop that Label. Thank you for joining hands and hearts to advocate what we strongly believe in. This is us believing in hope again. This is us impacting lives together. This is, UNLABELLED RUN.

- Former Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore, Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin,

  Unlabelled Run 2019


I joined the Unlabelled RUN today, which is back after COVID-19 with a record turnout of runners. It is organised by The New Charis Mission (TNCM), which for 16 years has helped over 3,000 ex-offenders restart their lives. I heard many stories of repeat offenders, in and out of prison numerous times, but found their faith, purpose and support with TNCM. Many are now working for TNCM, paying it forward and impacting more lives. TNCM has now taken its mission further, to encourage people to look beyond the labels we all carry, to know our intrinsic selves better. Hence the call to "drop the label, see the people". These labels are invisible, yet so prominent. 

I salute the work of The New Charis Mission.

- Minister for Health, Mr. Ong Ye Kung, Unlabelled Run 2023

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